Too many young drivers are dying or being seriously injured in road crashes.

In some countries vehicle collisions are the number one cause of teen deaths – including in the USA.

The good news is there is plenty that parents can do to help keep their young drivers safe.

One More Second’s parent section has been specially developed by our team of road safety experts who have years of experience in training and educating drivers of all ages.

Our mission is to help parents understand the risks, become better role models and ultimately put a stop to the tragedy of young drivers losing their lives on our roads.

Your children and teens mean the world to you…. so do all you can to help them become and remain safe drivers for life.

Driver Code of Conduct

The Driver Code of Conduct has been developed to help eliminate risk from driving. It can be a convenient reference tool for drivers of any...

Parent checklist: Are you doing all you can?

Answer yes or no to the following questions... Within the first six months of passing his/her driving test did/do you discourage your teen from driving...

Know the risks: And learn how to help

Parents, do you know the real reasons your teen drivers face such high levels of risk on the road? Read on to find out some...

Drugs and alcohol: The warning signs

Do you suspect that your teen may be abusing alcohol or using drugs? Having concerns about your teen’s use of alcohol or drugs is worrying...

Keep your kids safe: A guide for parents

As a parent you’ve always done all you can to keep your children safe. But once they’ve passed their official driving test their safety...

The videos include true stories of teenage driving tragedies. While you may find some of the content distressing please remember they have been released to highlight the very real dangers of teens taking risks on the roads.

It is recommended that you view these videos yourself before watching and discussing them with your teen.